inventid hosts and develops a number of open source projects. Some of these projects allow for interaction with inventid services, while other are seperate modules written to support our code base or our workflow



First of all we have the projects which we separated from our internal code base:

  • Tails
  • Ideal, a Ruby 2.1.2 compiant iDealv3 gateway for Dutch e-commerce

inventid services

Additionally we offer API's to our system. While our general API is not public (yet), we offer authentication schemes from external websites:

Internal services

Obviously we have some stuff internally too to support our operations. Parts of this might be useful (or fun!) for you too.

  • Whosonline, Who are there at the office? Just use Nmap and show it!
  • Press For Success, Success should be celebrated with the entire team. Graphically. Even remote.

Magneto plugins

Magneto is a chatbot for Hipchat, developed by inventid uses the same chatbot for our internal services. Luckily, this chatbot can be extended to offer extra features. While some of the plugins are purely intended for internal use, we decided to public a few as open source:

  • Education, Learn something while being productive
  • Panic, What to do in a panic situation? Assemble your team, notify your customers and man your battle stations!
  • Phonebook, allows for centralized, easy-access phonebook support